Fashion We Breathe. 

Behind the blog you can find me, woman with great dreams, creative mind and lust for fashion. I get inspired about people, trends, black and white photos and laughter. I love to create minimalistic content with hints of personal style. I’m a mixture of southern ostrobothnical (an area here in Finland, known by tractors and infinity fields) mind, creativity, amiability, perfectionism and perseverance. On my free time I run in the middle of woods, enjoy a cup of coffee at local cafe with my bestie, admire sundowns, dream of perfect pair of shoes and weekend getaways. In this blog I aim to share inspiration, my thoughts, trends and a bit of beauty talk. For me, this site is a way to express myself.

I really hope you enjoy. Feel free to give feedback and comment. Contact me via email

With love,
IdaMaria Ankkuri